West should recognize Russia’s victory in Ukraine and lift sanctions – Le Figaro


As a result of the recent events in Ukraine, the West now wants to arm itself with high principles and try to punish Russia, Professor of international economics, Charles Wyplosz writes in his article in Le Figaro.

The West, however, often takes steps, for which it tries to reproach Moscow. Thus, the USA is trying to extend its zone of influence in Latin America, and France has its own zone of influence in North Africa and Francophone Africa, the expert notes.

It makes sense to go to the Maidan and assure the demonstrators of solidarity, as Catherine Ashton and German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier did, only if the West is ready to stand to the end, Wyplosz says. But no one either in Washington, or in Berlin, or Paris, or London even for a moment considers the possibility of a military confrontation with Russia, the French Professor adds.

Europe assigns itself an excellent part – to support the popular uprising. But Kiev is not Ukraine, the expert notes. Eastern Ukraine lives owing to the industry mainly oriented on Russia. It is logical that Kiev wants to draw closer to the West. As it is logical that the East of the country wants to preserve close trade relations with Russia, Wyplosz concludes. The oligarchs, who came to power, are not the best moral guarantors of the revolutionary Ukraine, the author of the article believes.

Vladimir Putin has achieved his goals – the West has lost. Russia has demonstrated that it remained a political power, although it was no more the USSR, the journalist says.

The West has to understand that Russia is also an economic power, he continues. Introduction of sanctions against it means depriving many American and European companies of important trade channels. Western companies are not ready to give up the Russian market, in which they invested a lot of money in recent years, Charles Wyplosz writes.

Sanctions are now playing a symbolic role – they help not to lose face. The real problem is the money issue. Ukraine is on the verge of economic suffocation. The IMF allocated a loan of $17 billion to Kiev. Ukraine’s foreign debt is now $150 billion, and nobody knows how it will be able to pay it, warns the author of the article.

In the current situation, negotiations with Russia are very important. Moscow does not want the Ukrainian state to collapse, Wyplosz concludes.


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