NETANYAHU: Israel to act if threatened by Syria’s chemical arms


 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told European Union ambassadors on Tuesday that Israel will do its best to make sure that the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons won’t fall into the hands of terrorists.

 He warned, however, that the Jewish state will consider taking military action if such a threat arises. 

During his lunch with the envoys, the prime minister also tackled the Iranian threat, noting that the developments in the region indicate that Israel could become the target of an attack. Therefore, Israel cannot afford to take risks or make experiments that could fail, Netanyahu said. 

While lauding the recent European sanctions on Tehran, the prime minister expressed doubt that the current economic penalties – harsh as they may be – are capable of staving off the Islamic Republic’s nuclear development.  

He stressed that without a credible military option, Iran won’t halt its atom program.

 Addressing the new government in Egypt, the prime minister emphasized the importance of maintaining the peace treaty between the two countries. He stated that any change to the deal could compromise the accords.


Netanyahu also said he expects the Egyptian authorities to prevent attacks originiating in the Sinai Peninsula.  

He further said he would welcome assistance from European diplomats in restoring the relations with Turkey, asserting that such efforts are within both sides’ interests.


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