Man jailed for biting pregnant partner’s ear off


Thursday Feb 19, 2015

Like many couples, Honeti Toueki-Aisake and his pregnant partner celebrated Christmas with friends.

But unlike most, the 20-year-old woman left the party missing half her right ear.

There was no chance of reattachment because 21-year-old Toueki-Aisake swallowed the chunk of flesh.

He was jailed for six years three months after sentencing at Manukau District Court today for wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and another act of serious violence only months later.

While on bail for the ear-biting incident in May 2014, Toueki-Aisake and a friend went to the home of 36-year-old Bryan Edward Kukutai in Tuakau.

He was watching television when the men, bandannas covering their faces, approached the back door.

When Mr Kukutai opened the door, he was met with a barrage of punches to his head which knocked him on to the kitchen floor.

The assailants continued the blows, as he tried to cover his head, before one of them pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim four times in the back.

An hour and a half later, Mr Kukutai’s sister found him in bed, “barely awake spitting and gurgling blood”, Judge Gerard Winter said.

Toueki-Aisake was initially before the court at the end of 2013 after he and his partner went to a Christmas party in Pukekohe.

As they entered the address, he punched the woman – who was nine weeks’ pregnant at the time – and dragged her off the steps.

Friends intervened and split the pair, with Toueki-Aisake taking a walk to “cool off”.

But the fresh air did little to calm his temper.

About an hour later, the couple began arguing in the garage at the party and the defendant gripped her from behind.

“You bit her right ear,” Judge Winter said.

“It was a clean bite through the top right end portion of her ear.”

The complainant described it to police as “one clean bite”.

Toueki-Aisake could have been sentenced to more than 10 years’ imprisonment but was saved by his early guilty plea and assistance he provided to authorities.

The two charges attracted strike warnings under the three-strike legislation, which means he will serve the entire six years and three months without being considered for early release on parole.



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