Bunny Girl And Teen Murders: Appeal 40 Years On


Detectives investigating the murders of a teenager and a bunny girl four decades ago are “still confident” someone has information that would help them catch the killer.

Investigators urged potential witnesses to examine their conscience on the 40th anniversary of one of the attacks.

Forty years ago today, 16-year-old Lynne Weedon was attacked and raped in an alleyway near her home in Hounslow, west London.

She was found abandoned and barely alive at an electricity sub-station the next morning and died a week later.

Her cause of death was a single blow to the head with a heavy blunt weapon, which has never been found.

In 2006, the case was linked to the murder of bunny girl Eve Stratford after advances in technology determined the same DNA had been found on both victims.

The 22-year-old, who worked at London’s Playboy club, was found with her throat slashed from ear to ear in her home in Leyton, east London, on the evening of 18 March, 1975.

There was no sign of forced entry to the flat and no weapon was ever recovered.

There is a £40,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of their killer, who police say is now likely to be in his 60s or 70s.

Police say they hope the passage of time will encourage someone to come forward.

“One phone call to the incident room could be all that it takes to bring two bereaved families closer to some closure or justice,” said investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Noel McHugh.

“I urge you to examine your conscience and if you are wavering on making that call, think of Eve’s family who have now passed away and Lynne’s parents who are in their 80s and have endured 40 dreadful years not knowing who murdered their daughter.

“Perhaps the person who killed Lynne and Eve confided in you? Please do not keep their secret for a day longer and come forward.”

Earlier this year, Lynne’s mother Margaret Weedon said the family remained in desperate need of closure.

“We have missed out on so much; she missed out on life, no relationship or marriage, no career or children or even just travelling the world, all taken from her,” she said.

“The hurt eases but the pain still sits deep somewhere inside. There are so many questions. So many thoughts. So much heartache.

“I will make a mother’s plea for anyone who can tell us some information about the person who took my daughter and Eve Stratford’s lives to come forward. Please, please give us some sort of closure.”

Police have previously said it is “inconceivable the killer of Eve and Lynne has kept the perfect secret for 40 years”.

They believe the killer may have known his victims, particularly Ms Stratford who had a huge circle of friends and acquaintances.


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