Michael Caine admits his ‘days are numbered’ as he embarks on health kick


Rebecca Lewis for Metro.co.uk

Sir Michael Caine has admitted that he’s fully aware that his time will soon come to shuffle off of this mortal coil and boy is he unhappy about it.

At 84, Michael is one of the oldest working actors in the film industry – his 163rd movie Going In Style is out in the UK in several weeks – but the British icon has now ‘cut back on the drinking’ and is always ‘looking up what’s the best thing against cancer’ because he knows that his ‘days are numbered and that’s the main worry’.

The Oscar- and BAFTA-winning actor has two children and three grandchildren, and credits them with his recent health kick that has him cutting out all sugar, salt and gluten from meals.

‘You know, I’ve lost 13kgs just because I want to see my grandchildren,’ Michael told The Sun On Sunday.

‘They’re twins of six and a boy of seven. I’d like to get to 17 for the boy.’

Michael began his career in the 60s with movie classics including Zulu, Alfie and The Italian Job; he still stars in at least one film release per year, and admitted that he will only retire when the offers stop rolling in: ‘The film business will have to give me up, not the other way around.



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