Europe’s attitude toward Turkey anti-democratic: Deputy PM Kurtulmuş


The attitude of European countries toward Turkey is anti-democratic and against European values and human rights, Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said on March 20.

Speaking after a cabinet meeting, Kurtulmuş said it was unacceptable for German newspapers to carry so many headlines about Turkey, saying that was meddling in Ankara’s internal affairs.

He said it is “for the Turkish nation to decide on the country’s governance system,” not anyone in other countries.   

“We are hearing the footsteps of fascism [in Europe],” Kurtulmuş added. 

Kurtulmuş also lashed out at comments from Germany’s spy chief, who said Ankara had not provided convincing evidence that the U.S.-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen was behind the July 2016 failed coup attempt, calling the comments “unacceptable”. 
According to Kurtulmuş, Turkey’s security units have also foiled a total of 153 “significant incidents,” including bomb and suicide attacks, over the past six months.


Turkey and Germany have been locked in a deepening diplomatic row after some cities banned Turkish ministers from speaking to rallies of expatriate Turks on public safety grounds. Kurtulmuş called the bans “unacceptable.”


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