Piers Morgan and Amber Rose in Twitter spat after model bares all on Instagram


Julia Hunt

Piers Morgan and Amber Rose have become embroiled in a spat on Twitter after the US model shared a racy image of herself naked from the waist down.

Rose, 33, posted a picture on social media of herself wearing only a bikini top and an open coat and showing her pubic hair, to urge women to embrace a more natural look.

Journalist Morgan urged her to “put it away, luv” after seeing the image, insisting Rose’s claim to be baring her body in the name of feminism was “ridiculous”.

Rose replied to Morgan with the hashtag “#IllTakeThingsMisogynisticAssholesSayfor500Alex”, which caused him to snap back: “It’s not ‘misogyny’ to think that posting nude photos in the supposed name of feminist empowerment is pathetic attention-seeking bulls**t.”

The US star then replied: “Nude? Where? My breast nor my vagina was showing and my legs were closed.”

She continued: “I am assuming you are referring to the pubic hair that was shown in the picture.

“Uncomfortable? Get over it.”

But Morgan, 52, insisted: “I can handle your naked body, Amber – relax.

“I just can’t handle your ridiculous claim to be stripping off in the name of feminism.”

Rose responded: “Lol ur an idiot ur first tweet to me was … “Put it away luv thanks” Lol “it”????”

The model initially shared her picture to promote her Slut Walk, an annual protest to raise awareness about sexual injustice and gender equality, but it was removed by Instagram.

She then posted a video of herself rolling her eyes with the caption: “When IG deletes ur fire ass feminist post but you really don’t give a f**k because everyone picked it up already#amberroseslutwalk #bringbackthebush.”

During her war of words with Morgan, Rose posted a photograph of Maroon 5’s Adam Levine posing nude with a woman’s hand over his private parts and asked the TV star whether that was also “attention seeking”.

When Morgan replied that Levine’s picture was to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer, Rose said: “Smh I raise awareness for my foundation as well Piers.

“That’s like saying breast cancer awareness is cool but what about HIV and AIDS.”

She went on: “Lol @piersmorgan my “naked” body offended you for my nonprofit SLUTWALK but a woman grabbing Adam Levine’s dick and balls was cool?”

Morgan later posted an old image of himself nude, with just a skimpy piece of material protecting his modesty, in an ad for Burger King’s Flame cologne.

“I am re-posting this in the name of male empowerment,” he quipped.

When Rose re-posted the image of herself on Twitter, Morgan sniped: “THIS is what Emmeline Pankhurst fought so hard for? Jeez.”

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