JK Rowling says she has an unpublished manuscript ‘hanging in a wardrobe’


Rob Moran
The rest of us muggles might stock our closets with ill-fitting parkas, board games and other hoarded junk – JK Rowling’s is housing every Harry Potter fan’s dream.

The author says she has an unpublished manuscript “hanging in a wardrobe”, scribbled on last year’s Halloween costume.
The revelation came during an interview with CNN, when Rowling was asked about rumours she was considering writing a “political book for children”.
“Oh, that was a fairytale… I don’t know whether I’ll ever publish that,” the author said.
“The theme of my 50th birthday, which I held on Halloween – even though that’s not my actual birthday, was ‘come as your own private nightmare’. And I went as a lost manuscript,” she said.
“I wrote over a dress, most of that book. I don’t know if it will ever be published, but it’s actually hanging in a wardrobe currently.”
Rowling was on Donald Trump’s least-favourite news station to discuss her charity Lumos, named for a light-giving spell in Harry Potter, which aims to close down child orphanages.
“Our ambition is to end child institutionalisation by 2050… all over the world,” she said.
“We estimate there are eight million children in institutions around the world, but that might be a low guess.
“The figures show us that these institutions are often centres of trafficking and horrendous exploitation”, where “at least 80 per cent of these children are not orphans” but given up due to poverty, she added.
She said the foundation’s goal is to reunite these children with the families who have been forced to give them up due to financial constraints, and offer childcare support.
The author was also asked how she balances her charity work with her writing career, which currently finds her penning the screenplay for the upcoming sequel to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
“I love writing. We all know I don’t actually need to write anymore, that’s a given. I write because I just love writing, it’s what gets me up every day. I’d be writing no matter what,” said Rowling.
“But I suppose I’ve always had this other side to me. I used to work at Amnesty International. I’ve always had this side of me that just wants to try to make a difference, and I want to do it in a meaningful way,” she said.


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