Troops from 29 countries to participate in Army-2017 Games


MOSCOW, /TASS/. Over 3,500 troops from 29 countries will participate in the Army-2017 International Games, the Russian Defense Ministry’s press office reported on Wednesday.

“A total of 134 teams will join the competition for the right to be called the true aces of driving combat hardware, the most coordinated and coherent crews and units and the quickest and the most accurate riflemen. Over 3,500 personnel from 29 countries of Europe, Asia, Central and Latin America and Africa will be involved in the competition,” the press office said.
The Army-2017 International Games will consist of 28 contests in various military and technical specialties. The Games will be held form July 29 through August 12 in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and China.
Accreditation for media representatives to the Army-2017 Games has been opened on the Russian Defense Ministry’s website. Applications will be accepted through July 27.


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