Heidi Klum labelled ‘creepy’ after calling her sons ‘sexy’


Ariane Beeston

Model Heidi Klum has been labelled “creepy”, “inappropriate” and “weird” after describing her tween boys as “sexy” with “rocking bodies”.

The 44-year-old made the comments about her sons, 12-year-old Henry and 10-year-old Johan, during an interview with PEOPLE this week. The proud mum noted they would be “fending off the ladies” in years to come.

“My boys are very sexy,” Klum said. “They’re very young and I probably shouldn’t say that, that they’re sexy.”

Klum said Henry takes after his father Seal, to whom Klum was married for seven years. 

“He looks like Seal and I think Seal is very hot and very handsome,” Klum said. “He looks just like his dad – he has this little gap here in his teeth.”

She described Johan as looking like  “a European soccer player”.

“He has this gorgeous, mixed skin and he’s so sweet and he has beautiful, big lips,” Klum said. “His hair is just so wild and big. My little one has the most gorgeous hair.”

Noting that her boys are all “very tall and very thin,” Klum said: “They have just rocking bodies!

“There’s going to be a line around my house.”

Commenters on PEOPLE’s Facebook post were horrified with Klum’s overly sexualised description of her boys – drawing parallels to President Donald Trump’s 2006 comments about dating his daughter Ivanka, – if he weren’t her dad.

While Klum’s children, including 13-year-old Leni, and 7-year-old Lou Sulola, do feature prominently on her social media accounts, the America’s Got Talent  judge always conceals their faces.

In an interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan in July, Klum shared that the reason she chooses not to post pictures of her kids’ faces online is because she doesn’t want them to grow up too quickly. 

“It’s different when we do it — I feel like we’re grown-ups — but I want to try and keep them children as long as possible,” she said.



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