‘Ready, Steady, Dior!’ Top 6 Most ‘Gorgeous’ Outfits by Natalia Vodianova


Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova this week received the 2017 Global Voices award for her contribution to the fashion industry and her passion for philanthropy. Sputnik explored how the 35-year-old activist dressed on this important day and gathered several other outstanding outfits that the model has worn on various occasions.

The gala dinner held by The Business of Fashion in Natalia Vodianova’s honor on December 2 was attended by celebrities from the fashion industry and show business.

Vodianova attended the event in a luxurious red dress and could be seen posing for photos in a Russian headband (kokoshnik).

On October 28, Vodianova attended a charitable event organized by the Naked Heart Foundation, helping children with special needs. During the evening, the model changed her appearance twice.

Then she changed into a shiny jumpsuit, accentuating her perfect silhouette.

A few days before that and just about a week ahead of Halloween, Natalia Vodianova posted a picture of herself trying on a devil costume and received lots of compliments from her fans.

In October, the supermodel went to France for Paris Fashion Week where she attended a Dior fashion show in a dress made of feathers. Social media users commented on her pictures saying that Vodyanova looks “gorgeous.”

Earlier, the model appeared in a translucent black dress with wide sleeves at a party in India.



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