Lewandowski, Bossie: Trump is a unique American story that has made our political elite class irrelevant


By Corey R. Lewandowski, David N. Bossie –FoxNews.com

We were two eyewitnesses to history and wrote about our experiences in our new book “Let Trump Be Trump.” Donald J. Trump went from a well-known businessman with a hit television show to a long shot presidential candidate.  Both of us then watched as Mr. Trump went from underdog to Republican front runner in record time.  We then saw the most unexpected general election win in modern day political history. The reason why is that he is a unique and tough as nails individual who does not believe that he can be defeated in business, television and politics.

President Trump is a man who weathered the most exciting and stormy election in the modern era of politics. To understand why, you need to understand what makes the man tick. Mr. Trump proved to be a man who demanded excellence and loyalty from his lean and mean team.  

His family’s hard work and loyalty was an example for us all. We wrote about on election day that Ivanka, Don Jr., Don Jr.’s wife Vanessa, Eric, and Eric’s wife, Laura were all phone banking furiously even though the main stream media had everybody convinced that Trump beating Hillary Clinton was a lost cause. 

Even when the odds looked long, Trump’s family and loyal staff ran into the fight and fought until the end.  That comes directly from the attitude of Mr. Trump himself who embodies the motto – Refuse to Lose.

The campaign started in a cubicle on the twenty fourth floor of Trump Tower and ended up in the White House. The story is truly amazing, yet many in the media continue to beat down President Trump because they are part of an establishment media who looks down on anybody who was not born of the political elite class of either party. They loved Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton because of their political lineage and hated Trump because he was a tough talking New York business magnate.

Trump’s attitude is accurately reflected in a quote that we use in the book from Trump’s Twitter feed – “What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.” Also, what separates the winners and losers in politics is how they perform in moments of high stress.  On August 6, 2016, Trump participated in the Washington Post/Fox News Republican primary debate in Cleveland Ohio.  This was the Super Bowl of debates, because it was the first time the heavyweights of the Republican candidate field would be on the same stage.

We had no idea how Trump would do in that debate. As we described in the book, “no one watching knew what to expect from Donald Trump and, frankly, neither did we. Our debate preps amounted to conversations at Trump Tower on potential topics, a discussion on the airplane, and a final debate ‘prep’ in the SUV on the way to the event.”  Our debate prep gave way to a chance meeting with the band Aerosmith who wanted to say hello to Mr. Trump. 


Trump was calm and didn’t need all that much preparation because “Donald Trump is the best game day player that politics has ever seen. He didn’t need prep; he’d been preparing for this his whole life.”  While the other candidates over prepared and as a result never communicated a strong and understandable message, Mr. Trump was free from being over prepared. 

At the Fox News debate, and subsequent debates, Mr. Trump crushed it.

Donald J. Trump had taken the playbook for every Republican candidate for president and tossed it in the trash. Politically correct speech had been defeated. The idea of spending millions on polls and teams of political operatives in each state was proven a waste of resources. The game plan of hiding out from the media in an effort to carefully roll out a message tested campaign theme was proven a failure, because Mr. Trump’s everywhere all the time media saturation was proven to work. In one election, Donald Trump has rewritten the strategy books for primary and general elections.

During our book tour, the media has focused on Trump’s love of McDonalds and KFC (not #FakeNews) and hitting us with questions about investigations, videos, Tweets and palace intrigue.

The real question that only we can answer is how did this billionaire businessman become the hero of middle America? How did this political neophyte crush a number of well-known Republican governors, senators and a member of American political royalty in Jeb Bush? How did Trump create this un-polled army of supporters who deployed to vote on Election Day with the media missing the story? The answer is because Donald J. Trump is a unique American story that made our political elite class irrelevant and yesterday’s news.

We are confident that President Trump will always be the guy we went to political war with in a way that destroyed our opponents. 

As long as the handlers at the White House don’t try to stop Trump from being Trump, all will be well.  

Lewandowski and Bossie have just released a book “Let Trump Be Trump: The Inside Story of His Rise to the Presidency.”

Corey R. Lewandowski was former Campaign Manager for Donald J. Trump for President.

David N. Bossie is President of Citizens United, a Fox News Contributor and the former Deputy Campaign Manager for Donald Trump for President.



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