Kushner Believes Jerusalem Announcement Won’t Threaten Peace Deal


Jared Kushner believes recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital will not threaten his Middle East peace deal, Politico reports.

Trump reversed decades of U.S. policy Wednesday when he announced Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, despite warnings from around the world the gesture was a setback between Israel and the Palestinians. The decision risks fueling further violence in the Middle East. Kushner, according to Politico, privately encouraged the announcement.

Trump has pushed for a peace agreement, but also previously called it the most difficult deal in the world to make. Kushner, his son-in-law and White House senior adviser, has been tasked with helping the process, but in July said it might not be possible.

Israel has declared the whole city to be its “united and eternal” capital, while Palestinians have said they want East Jerusalem as the capital of their future independent state. Peace plans have stumbled over debates on how and whether to divide sovereignty or oversee holy sites.

Kushner, who has made dozens of trips to the Middle East to move along the process, sees Trump’s decision as one that will not do much damage.

“I think [Trump] and Jared figure that after all the posturing and a few days of riots, things go back to normal when it comes to the negotiations,” said a person close to the administration.


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