Putin: A Number of States Plays Into Hands of Terrorists


A greeting message of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the participants of the 9th International Meeting of High Representatives for Security Issues in Sochi was delivered by Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev.

Some countries are increasingly trying to ignore universally recognized norms of international law, using military force bypassing the UN Security Council, this plays into the hands of terrorists, the message reads.

“The problems of ensuring global and regional security today are especially acute, largely due to the fact that some members of the world community are increasingly trying to ignore the universally recognized norms and principles of international law, resort to the use of military force bypassing the UN Security Council, refuse to take part in talks as a key tool for resolving interstate disputes,” Putin said.

“This, in turn, generates political and social instability, plays into the hands of the forces of terrorism, extremism, transnational crime, leading to an escalation of local conflicts and crises,” he said.

The Russian president pointed out that the current meeting under the auspices of the UNSC provides an opportunity to discuss the ways in which to deal with a number of challenges to international security.

Putin said Russia is ready for close security cooperation with foreign partners in multilateral and bilateral formats.


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