‘What’s the one thing your partner does that makes you love them that little bit more?’ – the answers are just heartwarming



Caitlin McBride

The internet can often be a dark place, but every now and then, a glimmer of optimism and warm fuzzy feelings emerges and makes it all worthwhile.

Case in point: journalist Hattie Gladwell tweeted earlier this week asking her followers to share gestures their partner does that’s “not necessarily romantic but makes u love them a bit more”. She added that her other half “runs me a bath every night without asking and puts the kettle on in the morning” – a simple, but thoughtful and very much appreciated consistency in their home.

The responses came pouring in from everyone sharing their personal, deeper connections and others sharing their valued small moments throughout the day from foot rubs to hand holding.


He slows down how fast he eats so that we finish our meals together: I eat very slowly and get anxious about being the last one still eating at dinner ❤️🤗

— Harriet (@HEvMed3) August 2, 2018



My husband braids my hair before bed every night because it’s curly and long and tangles easily. https://t.co/Xe6uICOz6B

— Kate Armitage (@itskatearmitage) August 2, 2018



Times putting on the washing, drying, supper and the kettle for me so I can come home from a 12 hour hospital shift, get into a bath with a cup of tea, followed by supper in a fresh clean WARM bed and pajamas 😍#perfectman @hattiegladwell https://t.co/VOPb83uhWa

— Cbawds (@Cbawds1) August 5, 2018



Packs my lunch every night and draws a little cartoon for me everyday. The carton depicts a heart giving his love also a heart random things because when you are a heart what do you give the one you love pic.twitter.com/oBPjVBiASS

— Dena (@denacutrone) August 5, 2018



In 15 years my husband has never called me by my actual name. He refers to me as “Beautiful”.

— Mrs. Julier (@JulierMrs) August 4, 2018



I’m a new yoga teacher and he comes to all my classes. Since the beginning and even when nobody else showed up but him he let me practice my teaching skills with him ❤️🙏🏽

— Valeria Del Castillo (@valcuit) August 3, 2018



I leave to school at 6:40am, 3 times a week. He’ll wake up and walk me to my car and he cleans my windows as my car warms up. When I leave, he’ll throw me kisses as I drive away.

— Kat B. (@MoonKat89) August 3, 2018




After 38 years still holds my hand 💕💕

— Michele Cruickshank (@MicheleCruicks1) August 3, 2018

My girlfriend has never judged me, that means a lot when we have to miss holidays, parties, meals out because of something to do with my crohn’s. Not once has she complained. She’s my rock and always will be. Couldn’t have gone through this without her. #7yearsandcounting

— Polar Bear! (@joe_illston) August 3, 2018




he calls me his wife when talking about me even though we are only engaged and when people ask him what I do for work he says “she basically runs the company” even though I’m the admin assistant. makes my day 😍❤️

— PTSD Depression Anxiety Princess ~ #EndTheStigma (@theclimb24) August 2, 2018

“Seeing as everyone’s putting actual super cute things I wanted to note a few deeper things my partner has done that makes me love him,” Hattie added after seeing the surge in heartwarming responses.

“supported me through a break down and made me seek help for my mental health. stayed with me when my mental health pushed him away. when I was in hospital and not eating, drove to 6 different restaurants and shops to try find me something that would make me eat.

“when I had a stoma bag and couldn’t look at it, learned to change it so I didn’t have to.”

“when I had the stoma removed and was incontinent for a while, helped me go to the toilet and cleaned me up because I couldn’t physically do it myself.

“promised to stay with me even if I can’t have children (due to the surgery) despite wanting a family,” she wrote.



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