‘A Homosexual Nature’: Turkey Fines Broadcaster Over Pink Music Video


Turkey’s Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK), an independent agency in charge of regulating radio and TV broadcasts, recently fined a local broadcaster for airing a music video by American musician Pink that featured same-sex couples dancing.

Turkish broadcaster AS TV was slapped with nearly $3,000 in fines over Pink’s “Secrets” music video, which critics said features “erotic dance figures of a homosexual nature.” Officials also noted that the video was shown at a time when minors could easily watch it, allowing them to be negatively influenced.

The video, which features various couples dancing suggestively against a wall, was deemed by RTUK as being wholly inappropriate for children and young people, according to Turkish outlet Ahval News.

​The watchdog, which was granted the authority in March to also regulate the country’s online content, previously fined another broadcaster some $155,000 for airing footage of a talent show in which girls aged between seven and 11 were filmed dancing while wearing shorts, according to Reuters. RTUK was brought into the matter after viewers called the recording “child abuse.”

In the past, RTUK has dished out fines for kissing scenes, adult language and even at another music video that featured a female artist in an intimate scene with a male co-star. Reuters reported the agency saying that that video was “one tick below an erotic film.”

Pink has yet to release a statement on the matter.



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