Blake Lively Pulls Off the World’s Quickest Hair Transformation in New York City


What’s the best method of styling when the humidity is approaching 90 percent? A pair of well-strategized hair moments designed to lean into the weather, naturally. When Blake Lively arrived at her hotel in New York City yesterday, her bombshell blonde hair was bound in a slapdash low knot topped by a conductor cap and finished with a set of graphic shades—a combination that made the perfect compliment to a bit of striped suiting.

Just hours later, onlookers were schooled in the benefits of a quick-to-unravel twist, as Lively stepped out en route to The Tonight Show with brushed out lengths that bore the soft telltale bend of time spent pinned up a bun. Along with her shaken out hair, Lively incorporated a series of accompanying shifts: a light-catching pink lip color; a plunging velveteen vest ready for September’s transitional climate; and a previously moody polish job transformed to a bare and buffed manicure. Meditating on the path to a lion-like mane of insouciant waves? Consider this 5-second updo the simplest surefire path.


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