Student locked in apartment gets to exam on time thanks to workers, police in Istanbul


A university student who was left locked inside their apartment by his forgetful sister has managed to get to his exam on time thanks to helpful municipality workers and police in Istanbul.

According to a Demirören News Agency report, the unidentified student was seen by his neighbors early Nov. 8 trying to leave their family apartment from its window in the Beyoğlu neighborhood.

His sister had left the apartment earlier, forgetting about the young man who had to go to university for an exam after he woke up.

The student attempted to leave the apartment on the third floor from the window, but he was eventually stuck on the window ledge as it was too high to jump.

Luckily, a team of municipality workers who were passing by noticed the young man. By using their truck’s extendable service basket, they brought the young man down from the window ledge.

The student was in even more luck as he arrived at his university just in time for the exam as a police car that was passing by took him there quickly.


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