Card interaction volume on Black Friday in Turkey hit $647 mln


The total volume of transactions with credit and debit cards on Black Friday in Turkeyreached 3.4 billion Turkish Liras ($647.4 million) with an annual increase of 38 percent.

The number of cards used on the shopping spree day of Nov. 23 hit 2 million, 80 percent higher compared with a regular day, The Interbank Card Center (BKM) said on Nov. 28.

110,000 cards were used for online shopping for the first time on Black Friday, according to BKM’s statement.

The volume of online shopping with cards reached 975 million liras ($186 million) with an increase of 68 percent compared with the Black Friday last year.

The ratio of online shopping interactions with cards hit a record of 29 percent.

37 percent of online shopping interactions were in buying electronic appliances whereas 17 percent of them were in clothing and 8 percent of them were in airlines.

In total, 36 percent of all online shopping interactions on Black Friday were made by Istanbul residents.


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