Lewis Hamilton warns F1 rivals: I want to be the all-time great


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Five-time world champion is working hard to get even better in 2019

Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has warned his rivals that he aims to be even better in 2019 and wants to become the sport’s “all-time great”.

Not content with five career championships, the 33-year-old is already looking ahead to next season and has asked for feedback from all departments at Mercedes on where he can improve.

In this year’s championship Hamilton won 11 races as he finished top of the drivers’ standings ahead of Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton’s win in the final grand prix in Abu Dhabi last month meant he ended the season on 408 points – 88 ahead of second-placed Vettel.

Speaking at a post-season sponsors’ event, Hamilton revealed that work has already started for next year and he is preparing for the challenge from his title rivals.

Quoted by Sky Sports, Hamilton said: “How do I remain relevant? How do I remain fitter than all these guys? How do I remain mentally more focused and more diligent? That’s my super focus to stay ahead of them.

“They might be young, but I’ve got the experience and fortunately that helps. But it’s really how you dissect your year. So this next month I’m going to sit down and figure out where I can be better.

“I asked for my team to send me an email, from several different departments, and asked them to be blunt – they don’t even need to tell me who the email’s from – and just ‘tell me the things you feel I can improve on, if there’s been a certain experience this year you’ve felt that could be better, or something I said that’s swayed the energy within the team’.

“Whatever it may be, because I’m looking to be the all-time great and that means winning in all areas.”

The first grand prix of the 2019 season will take place in Australia on Sunday 17 March. Pre-season testing will be held at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain in February.



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