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President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov have wiped the floor with the West in every diplomatic scenario and for this reason the West is so determined and will stop at nothing to see the Olympics fail and continue demonizing Russia so that world opinion and Russia’s prestige are damaged. This was stated by the Executive Officer of the WikiLeaks Party John Shipton, in an interview with the Voice of Russia. Mr. Shipton expects that President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov will silently wait for their opportunity to balance the field. He also believes that if you want to know what the western security services want one thing is to look at the work of hacks like Luke Harding which will show you which way the security services want you to look now. Mr. Shipton says that the only thing the West still has that works efficiently is the propaganda machine. He also says that countries in the FVEY have been able to monitor all of the financial transactions of terrorist organization that stretch from the end of the Philippines right up through to the Balkans, since 1985 and their lack of intervention clearly shows it serves their purposes. During the interview Mr. Shipton also reveals how the security service in Australia attempted to smear him by releases parts of recorded telephone conversations on the internet.

This is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with John Shipton the Chief-Executive Officer of the WikiLeaks Party in Australia. This is part 2 of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com

Robles: I’d like to get your opinion, it is kind of going around in the media right now; this book, I am sure you’ve heard about it, by… He was also a party to the 5th Estate smear job on WikiLeaks, that film, this book by Harding about Edward Snowden. I’d like to get your opinion on Mr. Harding, if you could, and on his so-called “inside scoop on Edward Snowden” a person he’s never spoken to or had any contact with. Same thing with 5th Estate, I mean he was part of that project and he had nothing to do with Wikileaks.

Shipton: Luke Harding is a notorious Russophobe and he is one of that group of journalists that infest the Guardian, that are really close to the security services.

Everything he writes, you look at to see which way the security services want you to look now. He is associated with plagiarizing work in Russia.

Luke Harding was expelled from Russia for visiting restricted areas, in other words spying, and he moved right on in life and works with the British establishment paper that is notoriously anti-Russian. Nothing changes with those people.

Robles: In that regard it was very refreshing to hear your view on President Putin, who I think has shown through his actions, as well as Foreign Minister Lavrov and the entire Russian Foreign Ministry and the Russian Government, that they are working for peace and for rule of law.

And it is sometimes disheartening for me, maybe not even sometimes, all the time, to see such a demonization in the western press, even right now about the Olympics. It seems like they’ve gone a full-court press to demonize the Olympics. What do you think about the Olympics in Sochi, I mean from what you know about them?

Shipton: The last thing that the West has that works efficiently is the propaganda machine. Everything else is breaking down – the financial systems are breaking down, states of warring against each other. The last thing that works somewhat effectively is the propaganda system, and even that is breaking down. But that’s mass propaganda against anything Russian. Particularly, in order to make the Sochi games fail, to lessen the prestige of Russia, they will do anything.

They are not reliable partners in the management of the world at the moment.

Robles: They wanted to put US warships into Russian waters in the Black Sea. What do you think about that?

Shipton: That is just another provocation in the diplomatic game that they are playing against Putin and Lavrov.

You know, Lavrov and Putin have wiped the floor with them in every one of those little diplomatic scenarios. So, I expect that President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov will silently wait for their opportunity to balance the field.

Robles: As the Chief-Executive Officer of the Wikileaks Party, can you tell us what the party is involved in right now? What are your plans for the future with the party? What is party going to do in the next elections?

Shipton: Our job is bringing truth, or as close to the truth as you can get, to the Australian public and also to involve ourselves outside of Australia in matters like Syria, where unilateral sanctions with no UN permission, the unilateral sanctions, restricting medical supplies to men, women and children in Syria.

We wouldn’t care to see ever a repeat of the question that was put to Madeleine Albright; that 532,000 children had died as a result of the sanctions in Iraq and Ms. Albright replied: “Well, we think it is worth it”.

Well, we don’t and with every breath and strength in our body we will struggle against those sort of sanctions being brought against societies.

Robles: Who would you say is blocking the aid to the Syrian people? This has been a very serious issue. I know who I think is doing it and we know who is doing it, but in your opinion who is blocking the aid?

Shipton: You mean to the Palestinian camp Yarmouk or generally?

Robles: To camp Yarmouk, in Syria itself, all the humanitarian aid is being prevented from reaching the intended recipients, etc.

Shipton: There is no value to the Syrian Government to stop people receiving aid. There is no value to them at all.

It is of value to the insurgents, pseudo-gangs and thieves, and groups of murderers that wander around Syria at the expense of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It is of some value to them to further ruin the social fabric of Syria. That is all they want. They don’t care about people.

Robles: I see. I recently talked to David Shayler, he was a MI-5 whistleblower. Have you heard of David Shayler?

Shipton: Yes, I have.

Robles: He said that the world right now is divided into two “camps”, if you would: people who seek the truth, for example, like what Wikileaks is publishing, what other sites on the Internet are publishing, and those who follow the mass media. When you mentioned Australia, you said bringing as close to the truth as possible to the people. Can you tell us about this division? Is this getting worse, is this getting better? And can you comment on the fact that the mass media, this is probably why they have demonized Wikileaks from the beginning?

Shipton: The mass media, as we all know, is failing and the shares of newspaper combines are now junk bonds. And the reason for that is because the do not publish anything truthful. And the other thing is that as their failure increases and stares them in the face, they are becoming more shrill and more notorious in order to attract what little bit of attention is still around. And further than that, there is not a war that the mass media and newspaper didn’t find they could support since 1945.

So, really they placed themselves in service of the worst aspect of governments and corporations and consequently they’ve got into a serious decline. They still attempt to have a lot of influence but as far as we can see, if you want to know close to the truth, you only have to look, spend some time searching and looking and you’ll get an idea of what is going on.

Another example the Guardian, which is a well-known newspaper around the world, they are going broke and they have just sold their most profitable division in order to sustain themselves.

Robles: Is it why they are putting out things like Harding, getting a known plagiarist to write books about people he has never met?

Shipton: I think that the Guardian is a left-wing Labour Party newspaper in England. But in order for it to continue to exist, it has to make some arrangement with the establishment.

As you saw when they published Snowden’s revelations from the NSA, the secret service of MI-5 came and smashed the hard-drives on their computers. This is just an intimidation, it doesn’t do anything because the information is stored elsewhere on servers. It just intimidates, that is all.

And public announcement of the information…you know, when the Guardian stops the publication, or limits the publication, as they have done with the NSA files from Snowden, stopping or limiting the publication, the loud action of the security service coming and smashing up their computers, gives them an opportunity to revile from the obligations of publication. That’s what it is about.

Robles: We know why the US is viciously after Edward Snowden, why they are after Julian Assange. If you could, comment on why MI-6 is so actively interested in getting Mr. Snowden in particular?

Shipton: Because the GCHQ…

Robles: Some people call GCHQ just as a subsidiary of the NSA.

Shipton: We here have the same thing, it is called Five Eyes, the English-speaking countries – Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and America. They are all integrated, I mean the listening services and GCHQ is probably the worst.

The UK has profited for 30 years on what it extracts out of the EU and the Snowden’s revelations allowed us to see what the GCHQ is doing. And it is mostly blackmail and industrial spying, that is all they are interested in, and not in
terrorism. If they were interested in terrorism, they wouldn’t be in it.

And another example is that since 1985 all of the inter-bank transactions have been able to be watched in real time by the NSA and the CIA and another American security service that I have forgotten the name of.

So, that is since 1985. The provision of finances to these vast terrorist organizations that stretch from the end of the Philippines right up through to the Balkans, is known, they know where the money comes from and how its transferred and clearly, under those circumstances it serves their purposes.

Robles: Now, by their own admission or lack of admission or lack of proof, the NSA, although it claims its mass surveillance “web” or whatever you want to call it, that is sucking in all the information from all of the users everywhere in the world, that it is there to stop terrorism. Although the NSA cannot cite or give proof, or even talk about one terrorist act that it has actually prevented or one terrorist group that it has actually dismantled, or caused to be dismantled.

Even with 9-11, I mean they claim to be able to get everything, they claim to be watching Osama Bin Laden, the NSA was monitoring Bin Laden and they did not pass that over to the CIA’s Al Qaeda unit.

So, all this super-mega-hyper-security-anti-terrorist-state has not been able to stop one terrorist act. What does that tell us about the NSA?

Shipton: To repeat myself, the NSA is there for the industrial spying and blackmail. They are there in order to make money and to get people to do what you want. That’s all they do.

Robles: I see. Have you have you been a victim of persecution and surveillance by the security services and your own government because of your work with WikiLeaks?

Shipton: Not that I know of.

Robles: Do you think you are being surveilled 24/7?

Shipton: I have no idea. You know, I speak as frankly as I can to everybody and I go about my life as though it was private. But I have no idea.

Some voice recordings of telephone conversations that I had during the election appeared on the Internet, which was quite a surprise, or excerpts from them. So, I guess, people are listening to everything.

Robles: What do you think is going to need to happen in Australia for things to change and do you see a grassroots movement in Australia that will change the leadership to something that is more just for the people?

Shipton: Not presently. I mean, I don’t think the leadership is composed of bad people. Just what they are required to do is adhere to a neoliberal philosophy and follow the Washington consensus, and attend to their master their hegemon – the US. So, this describes most of what they are able to do here.

As it becomes more evident that the US empire is clearly in decline, which it clearly is, as the American empire declines, as it declines and decays, the attachment of Australia will become a little more shrill, until it realizes that Australia’s security is within Asia. Not from Asia, but “within” Asia.

You were listening to an interview with John Shipton – the Chief-Executive Officer of the WikiLeaks Party in Australia. That was part 2 of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com. And as always I wish you the best, wherever in the world you may be.


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