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Dealing With Turkey’s Absolute Ruler

Marc Pierini –  GARNEGIE

The consequence of Turkey’s April 16 referendum result is that in foreign policy, the country will now resemble a Central Asian republic more than a European democracy.

A Sarin Attack Was ‘Not in Assad’s Interest’, Why is France Pointing the Finger?

In an interview with Sputnik France, a number of French experts cast doubt on their country’s probe into the alleged chemical attack in the Syrian province of Idlib earlier this month; the document alleges that the attack bore the “signature” of Damascus.

Trump’s Next Most Dangerous Possibility

Assuming President Trump doesn’t blunder into World War III, the next greatest harm he may do is reverse the modest U.S. steps toward fighting global warming, as ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar explains.

By Paul R. Pillar

The woman running 40 marathons in 40 days

By Greg Dunlop BBC News, Sydney

Ultra-runner Mina Guli winced in pain in the middle of a cow paddock. Bandages wrapped around her beaten feet, she contemplated the “holes” where her toenails used to be.

Venezuela’s Future Won’t Be Settled in the Streets

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most. When Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, facing swelling protestsagainst his own rule, sent congratulations to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Syria’s independence day, it was a gesture his fellow tyrant surely appreciated.

Rape Allegations Against Real Madrid Star

‘It Has To Be Less!’ Ronaldo Wrote in Text Message

By Rafael Buschmann, Christoph Henrichs, Gerhard Pfeil, Antje Windmann and Michael Wulzinger

Deadly Game -Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Risk Nuclear War

By Mathieu von Rohr, Christoph Scheuermann, Wieland Wagner and Bernhard Zand

With prospects growing that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un could soon have long-range nuclear missiles at his disposal, Donald Trump is threatening a military response. Suddenly nuclear war seems possible, but how great is the threat of escalation?

Trump has his Cabinet, but lagging behind on other appointments

By Brooke Singman  –Fox News

While President Trump overcame deep Democratic resistance to install his Cabinet picks in his first 100 days, the former executive has struggled to fill hundreds of other administration posts — and the vacancies could pose a mounting challenge as his presidency moves into the next phase. 

Brigitte Trogneux doesn’t dress like a typical ‘French woman’ and that should be celebrated

Annie Brown

If there’s one style trope that just will not quit, it’s “French girl style”.

Angela Merkel’s visit to Moscow – pragmatism above all else

 Germany’s Foreign Ministry said Merkel plans to discuss with Moscow the most topical issues on the G20 summit’s agenda, as well as bilateral relations. This is only the tip of the iceberg, though

For trans children and their families, a time of growing uncertainty

Parents of transgender students, and the teens themselves, say 2017 has brought greater uncertainty than any they’ve faced in recent years – after recent gains toward equality have been stifled or reversed.

Henry Gass

Staff writer

APRIL 26, 2017 

Attack on Afghan base a reminder: Taliban pose the greater threat

The sophisticated and deadly attack on one of northern Afghanistan’s most secure bases served as a reminder that the Taliban, not ISIS, are the most potent Islamist insurgency in the country.

Scott Peterson

Staff writer

APRIL 26, 2017  

Berkeley paradox: Birthplace of free speech now offended by it

The uproar over Ann Coulter’s scheduled talk underscores a shift in public understanding about freedom of expression – particularly on college campuses. The talk, set for April 27, has been called off.

Jessica Mendoza

Staff writer

APRIL 26, 2017 

Can the president shrink – or even eliminate – national monuments?

President Trump’s latest executive order opens the door to reducing or revoking two dozen national monuments, including Bears Ears in Utah. It’s far from clear, however, that the president has the legal authority to do so.

Amanda Paulson

Staff writer

APRIL 26, 2017  

What’s left out of Trump tax plan? The ‘D’ word.

The budget deficit is set to soar, even if the president’s new corporate tax-cut plan doesn’t go through. But politicians and even some economists are less alarmed by big deficits.

Mark Trumbull

Staff writer

APRIL 26, 2017  

Sexual violence, war lead to higher number of child marriages

Berlin’s plan to abolish child marriages has been spurred by the influx of refugees into Europe. While the move will benefit victims of the practice, the reasons why children are married early lie elsewhere.

‘Foolish Western Attempts to Reshape’ Mid East Bring Only ‘Waves of Violence’

“Foolish Western attempts” to reshape the Middle East have brought nothing but “waves of chaos and violence”, the Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service director said.

Historical drama“The Promise”: an unflinching depiction of the Armenian genocide

The Economist

Due to geopolitical concerns, Hollywood had hitherto left the subject untouched

France Circles Back to Status Quo

Though the names are different, the French election is playing out much like the last one when a candidate who might have brought change was brought down by scandal, opening the way for the same-ol’ policies, writes Gilbert Doctorow.

By Gilbert Doctorow

Intel Vets Voice Doubts on Syrian Crisis

Two dozen former U.S. intelligence professionals are urging the American people to demand clear evidence that the Syrian government was behind the April 4 chemical incident before President Trump dives deeper into another war.


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