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Syria’s Decentralization Roadmap

Samer Araabi

Local councils in Syria may form the basis of a post-conflict government with broad legitimacy, but only once their roles and powers are more clearly detailed.

Brace Yourself for a New Cold War

President Donald Trump, like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton before him, hoped to “reset” Washington’s dismal relationship with Moscow, but that was always the longest of long shots. Vladimir Putin’s ideology and perceived national interests require the West as an enemy, and no matter how many times Trump tweets that he respects Putin’s “strength” and says it would be “a good thing” if we could get along with Russia and unite against ISIS, neither the Kremlin nor permanent Washington will allow it.

Why Israel is ‘Deeply Interested’ in Continuation of Syrian War

Israel is likely to try to retain the existing status quo in Syria since it has benefited from the ongoing conflict in the war-torn neighboring nation, political analyst Sergei Balmasov asserted, saying that Tel Aviv’s combat missions are not aimed at President Bashar al-Assad, but are rather meant to prevent the crisis from being resolved.

After London attack, eyewitnesses reflect on grisly scenes

UK officials are investigating a deadly attack near the Houses of Parliament. Some of those who witnessed the events spoke with DW’s Abigail Frymann Rouch in London.

Fear Spreads in Immigrant Communities

President Trump’s roundup of undocumented workers has spread fear though immigrant communities unsure what to expect as federal agents coordinate with local police to hunt people down, reports Dennis J Bernstein.

By Dennis J Bernstein

What Russia Wants — and Expects

Washington’s political infighting has blocked President Trump’s plans for a new détente with Russia but also has left the global playing field open for Russian – and Chinese – advances in expanding their influence, explains Gilbert Doctorow.

By Gilbert Doctorow

Data didn’t change tech’s frat-boy culture. Will storytelling?

Some high-tech firms are finding that storytelling and empathy create far more buy-in for diversity than reams of data about its boost to innovation and profits.

Jessica Mendoza

Staff writer

MARCH 22, 2017  

Gorsuch hearings: Should agencies – or courts – decide the law?

Judge Neil Gorsuch is one of the most prominent critics of a legal doctrine that gives the power to federal agencies to interpret regulations. Scaling it back could also have significant repercussions for President Donald Trump.

Henry Gass

Staff writer

MARCH 22, 2017  

After ISIS: For Iraqis, reconciliation in Mosul will be challenging, and vital

The goal of post-ISIS reconciliation in multi-ethnic Mosul is to avoid the sectarian fighting and Sunni disenfranchisement that helped spawn the jihadist movement and spread its reach in the first place.

Scott Peterson

Staff writer

MARCH 22, 2017  

The kids are far right

By Dugan Arnett -Globe Staff 

It had been a typically busy day for the conservative rabble-rouser.

Could conservation provide ground for peace in conflict zones?

Some things, like birds, transcend political boundaries. That’s why some scientists say conservation of the natural world could promote peace among humans.

Eva Botkin-Kowacki

Staff writer

MARCH 22, 2017 

What we know about Trump team Russia links – and why that matters

The White House moves to disassociate itself from four Trump associates linked to Russia. A new report suggests that one of them, former campaign chair Paul Manafort, secretly worked for a Russian billionaire to help Vladimir Putin.   

Peter Grier

Staff writer

MARCH 22, 2017 

Saudi Arabia ‘nervous’ over passage of 9/11 legislation

The so-called war on terrorism waged by three successive administrations represents the cornerstone of US foreign and military policy. There are still serious questions about 9/11 nearly 16 years later, says Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire.

London attack: What we know so far

Five people have died and 40 people have been injured in a terror attack near the Houses of Parliament. Here is what we know so far.

Rome Defies New Anti-Establishment Mayor With the Same Old Problems

ROME — It has not been an easy nine months for Virginia Raggi since she was elected Rome’s first female mayor on the promise of cleaning up city hall and ushering in transparent governance.

Yazidis who suffered genocide are fleeing again, but this time not from the Islamic State

SINJAR, Iraq — Relatives collapsed in grief as the coffin of an 18-year-old Yazidi fighter was carried to a small temple at the base of Mount Sinjar.

Eyeing Trump’s Budget Plan, Republican Governors Say ‘No, Thanks’

Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky was unrestrained in his praise for President Trump: Opening for him at a rally on Monday, Mr. Bevin, a conservative Republican, echoed Mr. Trump’s “America First” slogan and only gently noted the nagging divisions in their party.

Susan Rice: When the White House twists the truth, we are all less safe

By Susan E. Rice – Washington Post

Susan E. Rice was national security adviser from 2013 to 2017 and U.S. permanent representative to the United Nations from 2009 to 2013.

Embattled Trump Reneges on Health Vow

President Trump promised health insurance for all, but – now dependent on the political protection of House Speaker Paul Ryan – he is supporting a plan that will push millions outside the system, writes Michael Winship.

By Michael Winship

A Breach in the Anti-Putin Groupthink

The mainstream U.S. media has virtually banned any commentary that doesn’t treat Russian President Putin as the devil, but a surprising breach in the groupthink has occurred in Foreign Affairs magazine, reports Gilbert Doctorow.

By Gilbert Doctorow

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