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The Corruption of College Athletics

The U.S. likes to view itself as the epitome of sports integrity, but beyond its own professional and amateur doping scandals, there is the institutionalized corruption around U.S. college athletics, reports Lawrence Davidson.

By Lawrence Davidson

21 Rohingya women recount rape by Myanmar armed forces

Associated Press

UKHIA, Bangladesh –  The use of rape by Myanmar’s armed forces has been sweeping and methodical, The Associated Press found in interviews with 29 Rohingya Muslim women and girls now in Bangladesh.

‘They Say I Have No Friends.’ Celebrities Rally Around a Bullied Student After His Emotional Video Went Viral

By Stephanie Petit / People

A young man has spoken out against those who bully him and others in a video clip that’s making waves on the Internet — and earning him a slew of famous friends.

Mohammad Javad Zarif: Europe Must Work With Iran


TEHRAN — On a crisp morning in Vienna two summers ago, hours before concluding the nuclear deal with the United States, the European Union and five other world powers, I took to Twitter to write that the landmark accord was “not a ceiling but a solid foundation.”

Alabama Has The Worst Poverty In The Developed World, U.N. Official Says

By Carlos Ballesteros

Updated | A United Nations official investigating poverty in the United States was shocked at the level of environmental degradation in some areas of rural Alabama, saying he had never seen anything like it in the developed world.

Trump Backs Moore at Florida Rally, Questions Sexual Abuse Allegation

By Tom Porter

U.S. President Donald Trump gave his backing to Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore at a Friday evening rally in Florida and cast doubt on the claims of one of the women who alleges Moore sexually assaulted her as a teenager.

Who are the poor Americans?

By Prof Jay Shambaugh Brookings Institution

Millions of jobs have been created in the US economy, but many Americans still live in poverty. Who are they?

‘How a 3am epiphany changed my life’

By Kate Stanton Business reporter, Melbourne

A eureka moment led Kristina Karlsson to launch a stationery business in the 1990s. It’s since gone global and has sales of 80m Australian dollars ($60m; £46m).

George Soros and the Demonization of Philanthropy


Soros’s Jewish identity is rarely explicitly invoked by his antagonists, but it doesn’t need to be: Every invocation of his “cosmopolitanism” and his essential foreignness serves as such.

Why was the Saudi crown prince accused of buying a ‘Christian’ painting?

By Seth J. Frantzman

How a $450 million painting became part of a Qatari misinformation campaign against Saudi Arabia.

Alleged INF Treaty Violation-U.S. Demands NATO Action on Russian Missiles

By Matthias Gebauer, Christoph Schult and Klaus Wiegrefe

The U.S. believes Russia is secretly developing nuclear-capable, medium-range missiles in violation of the INF Treaty. Washington has now upped the pressure on NATO to formulate a response – and a new arms race could be the result.

Inside May’s Race to a Late-Night Brexit Deal

By Tim Ross , Ewa Krukowska , Dara Doyle , and Thomas Penny

It was 11 p.m. Thursday night and the staff Christmas party at 10 Downing St. was in full swing, with karaoke blasting and wine washing down the samosas and sausage rolls.

Donald Trump and Jerusalem-‘I Don’t See Potential Upsides’

Interview Conducted by Samiha Shafy

Richard Haass, 66, is a former U.S. diplomat and current director of the Council on Foreign Relations. He says that the timing of President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel is troubling and potentially dangerous.

Trump’s Jerusalem Folly-Time for Europe to Take the Lead on Peace

A DER SPIEGEL Editorial by Juliane von Mittelstaedt

U.S. President Donald Trump prides himself on being a deal-maker. But his decision to relocate the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem will produce only losers. It is time for Europe to take the lead in the Middle East peace process.

U.S. Economy-Trump Tax Plan Worries Europe

An Analysis by Christian Reiermann

Trump is hoping that his tax reform will make the United States a more attractive place to do business. Germany and the rest of Europe, though, could emerge as the losers.

Liberated Raqqa-The Stench of Death amid Hopes for Life

The former Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa has been liberated, yet the city remains largely uninhabitable, criss-crossed with mines and strewn with rotting corpses. One man has made it his mission to bring the city back to life.

How the Kremlin Tried to Rig the Olympics, and Failed

A study in humiliation

The Russian Olympic Committee headquarters in Moscow Maxim Shemetov / Reuters

Julia Ioffe

Apparently This Is What a Swimming Dinosaur Looks Like

Its features are so strange that scientists originally thought it might be a fake.

Lukas Panzarin


At first, the fossil was smuggled out of Mongolia, as many dinosaurs are. It found its way to Japan, then Britain, then France. In 2015, the private collector who finally bought it contacted the paleontologist Pascal Godefroit to get his opinion on the specimen.

Intifadas: What you need to know

Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem could spark a “third intifada,” Hamas leaders say. But what exactly is an intifada, and what did the first two mean for the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians? DW has the facts.

What is an intifada?

Jerusalem: Three things to know

Jerusalem is at the center of competing claims and ideologies, as well as demographic changes and power grabs. DW examines why the city is so contested and Israel’s policy in East Jerusalem.

US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and to order the US Embassy to move from Tel Aviv to the holy city, has upended decades of US policy and drawn international condemnation from allies and foes alike.

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