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Having a child opened my eyes to the reality of women’s domestic lives

Clementine Ford

“Dear Jess [Rowe],” the advice column letter began.

7 common questions women have about vaginas answered

“Does a healthy vagina have a smell?”

By Catriona Harvey-Jenner

We might be born with them, but the level of confusion among women about what’s ‘normal’ when it comes to the appearance and the health of their vaginas is still unnecessarily high. We’re afraid to talk to one another about what’s normal in case ours might not be, and with that comes a sense of shame to open up.

Doctors are going to start asking patients about their sexuality

It’s part of a new NHS directive.

By Paisley Gilmour

For many of us, not only finding the time to get to the damn doctor’s but also building up the emotional strength to raise very personal issues with a complete stranger is quite an ordeal in itself. Of course, other people can walk in there and not even feel remotely angsty and truly good for them.

4 things that could happen when you hold in your pee for too long

Possibilities range from mildly embarrassing to straight-up unhealthy

By Andrea Stanley

There’s a phenomenon plaguing busy women everywhere (okay, and women who just don’t feel like hitting pause on Netflix): pee procrastination. You know, the feeling that you’ve got to go — but then you don’t.

The 5 best exercises for your body, according to a Harvard professor of medicine

Running not included

More from Healthy fitness tips

By Becky Fletcher

The best exercise for your body is a hotly-disputed topic but now I-Min Lee, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, has waded in with five recommendations. The suggestions can be found in a Harvard Medical School health report called Starting To Exercise, reports the Independent.

Russian Scientists Fight Cancer Using Extract From Mysterious Sea Creature

A team of scientists from the Far Eastern Federal University in the Russian Far East have discovered that the extract of the Pacific brittle star, a deep-water marine animal related to the starfish, can be used to help defeat one of the deadliest forms of cancer.

10 signs he has checked out of the relationship

YOU become more and more unsettled when your partner shows prolonged signs of stress. Does he want out of the relationship? Invariably you may know the answer, but you are so infatuated that you ignore his behaviour and keep hanging on.

Who Are The Biggest Buyers Of U.S. Oil?

By Robert Rapier 

This year the U.S. has averaged more than 900,000 barrels per day (BPD) of crude oil exports while continuing to import an average of 8.1 million BPD. In the previous article, I discussed the reasons the U.S. exports oil, despite the fact that we are still a significant net importer of crude oil.

Some coconut water found to contain added sugar

A FSA investigation unearthed the addition of undeclared sugar in coconut water drinks

More from Healthy eating

Why won’t my doctor give me antibiotics?

Frustrating, yes. But, according to Dr Dawn Harper, it’s for your own good

Public Health England is urging GPs to reduce the prescribing of antibiotics and if I’m honest, I think they have good reason to do so.In recent years we have seen the emergence of far too many resistant bacteria. Many of you will have heard of MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus) and C. Diff (clostridium difficile), which are both serious infections that can kill because they have become resistant to currently available antibiotics.

Cheating signs

Infidelity is probably the number one reason why people part, but it’s a feature of many relationships. How do you know your partner is cheating? It’s often hard to tell, but there are a few key signs:

Love advice from older couples

Who are you taking relationship advice from? The best people to aid you along your journey would be those who have lived the journey, right? Fact is, if you want to properly navigate love and relationships, you should stay away from people who are trekking through life at the same pace that you are, and take advice from the wise, as collated below.

11 Habits of People With Concealed Depression

By Lexi Herrick

There will be two main types of people reading this blog: those finding themselves better equipped to understand some of the people they love and those who see their own reflections in these habits.

18 Ways To Spot A Narcissist

By Amanda L. Chan

Chances are, you’ve encountered a narcissist. You know, that friend who somehow manages to revert every topic of conversation back to himself; the colleague who is always bragging about having the latest, greatest ____; the family member who thinks she is hotter, smarter and just generally better than you at everything.

10 Signs That Your Sniffles Are a Sinus Infection

ByDr. Manny

Suffering through sniffles and a sore throat? While you might blame the detested common cold for your troubles, your symptoms may actually line up more with a sinus infection, or sinusitis. A cold and a sinus infection can look quite similar with their sore throats and post-nasal drip.

This is why heavily pregnant women should sleep on their sides

Ariane Beeston

Pregnant women have long been advised to sleep on their sides and not on their backs, but a new study which tracked unborn bubs and their mothers’ sleeping positions highlights exactly why it’s so important to follow this recommendation.

5 signs your job is harming your health

Is your job wreaking havoc with your mental and physical health?

More from Wellbeing

By Izzy Capelin

5 health benefits of eating chocolate

A nutritionist on chocolate’s surprising health benefits

By Ceitanna Cooper

Scientific studies have shown that chocolate has the feel-good factor, thanks to a mix of mood-elevating chemicals, including caffeine, theobromine, tyrosine and tryptophan, and its delicious taste. It’s important to opt for dark chocolate with a high cocoa solid content, where possible, as it offers more health benefits than milk chocolate, it is also lower in fat and contains antioxidants.

The anti-ageing questions I was asked by high-flying women at a recent event

Stephanie Darling

I am sure you won’t be surprised to learn that the average Australian is spending more on beauty than household energy. According to ASIC’s MoneySmart website, Australians spend over $10.5 billion a year on personal care and $8 billion on beauty. Comparatively, the population as a whole spends $8.3 billion on medical and $5.1 billion on fashion.

Laws of Attraction: Scientists Find Out How People Choose Sexual Partners

Saliva, smell and symmetry are the key characteristics of a new scientific study.

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