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Breast implant certifier ‘not liable’ over ruptures

A lawsuit related to a faulty breast implant by a French manufacturer has been thrown out of a German court. A Cologne-based safety firm has been told it is not liable to pay damages to one of the victims.

Germany’s Federal Court of Justice on Thursday rejected a claim for compensation from a 67-year-old woman who was given faulty silicone breast implants from a French company that was certified as a safe provider by a German firm.

Fitness blogger’s photos reveal the dangers of exercise addiction

By Michelle Gant –

Exercising regularly is good for your health, but pushing yourself too far can have very real consequences.

Why Teens Should Never Take Diet Pills

ByDr. Manny

Today’s teens have tremendous pressure to embody the perfect life—beauty, social status, and intelligence—all while coping with emotional, hormonal, and physical changes. To keep up with all the pressure, many teens turn to quick answers for beauty and body image, including diet pills. What they don’t realize, or carelessly dismiss, are the dangers lurking behind these unregulated pills.

Eating Habits

How To Have a More Independent Child

Newborn babies need a lot of parental help because they are simply too small to do anything on their own. However, as children grow, their dependency on parents gradually decreases. And, eventually, once the child reaches a certain age, they should be doing some things on their own. Parents can help their children become more independent by trying the following steps.

Is a Vegetarian Diet Healthy for Children?

ByHealth Editors

Is a vegetarian diet healthy for children?

Experts are still debating that question. Some say a vegetarian diet is fine for kids (in fact, the American Dietetic Association endorses vegetarian diets for all ages). Others worry that limiting their choice of foods may prevent kids, who tend to be picky eaters to begin with, from getting the nutrients and calories they need in order to grow. But if you feel strongly about not consuming meat — or your child has suddenly announced that she’s a vegetarian — don’t fret. A veggie diet can be perfectly healthy; it just takes a little more planning and care. The key is providing your child with nutritious options and lots of variety. In some ways, in fact, vegetarian meals can be more healthful than meat-centered ones, since they’re likely to contain more fiber and antioxidants.

Surgery in the Womb Gives Hope for Spina Bifida

ByDr. Manny

For most parents-to-be, the parents usually spend most of their time choosing a birth plan and getting the nursery ready for baby. They might celebrate with friends and family and anticipate getting to meet their little one. Parents of spina bifida babies, though, have more weighty choices to make about their child’s health, and it involves the child’s future and quality of life. Thankfully, recent research is giving these parents a positive choice along with some much-needed hope.

What is your stressed skin trying to tell you?

Radhika Sanghani

When Sarah Kugelman was in her early 30s, she was severely stressed. Her high-powered job in the beauty industry in Columbus, Ohio, meant she was working long hours, travelling regularly – and neglecting her health.

Eye Makeup Dangerous for Your Vision?

Many young teens want to look and act just like the Kardashians, makeup and all. These and other celebrities help spike an interest in makeup for young girls, but there are a few dangers to using a lot of eye makeup. Without proper care, teens and women might find themselves with blurry vision, teary eyes, or even worse—eye infections.

Algorithm leads to dramatic improvement in drug discovery times

Algorithm by Hebrew U. researchers cuts through vast number of possible solutions to shorten drug discovery times from years to months.

Contact Editor  Arutz Sheva Staff,

How breakthrough asthma study may bring relief to millions

By Dr. Manny

Asthma remains one of the most significant health problems facing our communities today. If you look at the rates of asthma in our population, they are extremely out of proportion, especially among our children.

Could My Irregular Periods Be PCOS?

By Dr. Manny

Did you know that there’s a hormone imbalance that may affect as many as 1 in 10 teens and young women? You might think that’s something everyone would be talking about, but the embarrassing symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are often ignored or hidden by the young women who experience them.

Male Infertility – What You Should Know

By Health Editors

Male Infertility rarely enters the thought process when first thinking about starting a family. From a man’s point of view, starting a family is easy.

Stem Cells Shown to Help Improve, Speed Repair of Bone Fractures

By Jessica Marsh

A new study has shown that adult stem cells enriched with a bone-regenerating hormone can help mend bone fractures that are not healing properly.

Anyone shocked by women who regret motherhood isn’t listening

Amy Gray

Everyone has secrets and, as a child, I was expert in finding them out through careful eavesdropping. A lingering lurk here, a crouch behind an armchair there or even a strategic nap where no sleep was had so I could be close to the adults spilling their secrets.

The surprising reason why women are more likely to cheat on their partners

By The Hearst Network

Here’s some relationship news to be mindful of before your next date. A new study has made an unexpected discovery about the potential for women to cheat.

Surprisingly, this is the most common way to cheat

By The Hearst Network

Though the word affair probably makes your mind leap to a hastily booked Premier Inn and a night of sordid passion, surprisingly the most common type of affair isn’t necessarily even physical.

Reality Check: Should pregnant women shun meat and lust?

By Geeta Pandey -BBC News, Delhi

The claim: The Indian government is advising pregnant women to exercise, avoid eggs and meat, shun desire and lust, and hang beautiful photos in the bedroom.

The REAL reason why men cheat

Men have revealed the real reason why they cheat on their partners, and it’s not what many women might expect.

The male victims of domestic violence we need to listen to

Clementine Ford

 There’s a lot of derailment and obfuscation that occurs in both the response to and the reporting of incidences of family violence, particularly when a perpetrator commits family homicide. Jane Gilmore’s #FixedIt project aptly demonstrates this, highlighting in particular the media bias present in most public descriptions of this type of crime.

How exercise can improve your sex life

By Robert J. Davis

In the new book Fitter Faster ($17,, health journalist Robert J. Davis and celebrity trainer Brad Kolowich, Jr. share one more excellent reason to break a sweat.

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