Miqati to stay in power despite March 14 demands to resign


The resignation of the Lebanese Prime minister has become the March 14th movement’s main demand after the assassination of the ISF police chief wissam alhassan.

But with the huge international support for the Prime minister Najib Miqati and his government, he has decided to stay in power.

The Prime minister who is now in Saudi Arabia for Hajj pilgrimage, has sent a strong message to March 14 leaders and supporters that the government will stay in power.

When contacting March 14 supporters they told us that the incidents occurred in the past few days in Lebanon were wrong.

During her short visit to Lebanon the European Union Representative Catherine Ashton stated on tuesday after her meeting with Prime minister Miqati that the resignation of the prime minister now will create vacuum in the country, which is the least needed with the current situation in Lebanon and the region.

Observers say, in spite of the lebanese government’s harvesting great international support and observers warning of the repercussions of its dissolution ; the March 14 alliance is still determined to risking the country’s falling into the unknown.



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