Russian UN envoy calls for consultations on double standards in approaches to acts of terror


Russian ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin has called on the United Nations Security Council to hold consultations on the problem of double standards in approaches to terrorist attacks.

Churkin expressed resentment over the fact that some of the United Nations Security Council members are against statements denouncing terrorist acts in Syria.

“We cannot say that al-Qaeda must not commit certain actions in one place and to hail them in another. This is a really dangerous way. I believe that we should hold serious consultations on that subject at the Security Council,” he told journalists. According to the Russian diplomat, “what once was the basic principle and the fundamental position of the United Nations Security Council,” demanding from all its members to denounce any acts of violence regardless of their motives and causes, “is now being eroded.”

Some of the United Nations Security Council members, Churkin noted, proceed from the fact the situation in Syria is characterized by a serious imbalance in favor of the government, which creates an “asymmetric situation,” so some terrorist attacks should not be condemned. “We think it is wrong,” he stressed. “Eventually, there are other conflict situations where one of the parties has dominant positions but it is in no way a reason not to denounce terrorist acts.”

On Monday, Russia’s delegations offered two drafts of the Security Council statement on Syria. One of them condemned the October 21 terrorist act in Damascus that claimed 13 human lives. The other draft called on both the Syrian government and the opposition to agree to a ceasefire during the holiday of Eid al-Adha marked on October 26-29. Finally, the latter was passed, although with some amendments.

In the mean time, ahead of the would-be lull, terrorist activated a bomb in Damascus that killed six persons, and massacred 25 people in the village of Duma. The latter incident was highlighted in an official letter Syria’s United Nations ambassador handed over to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.


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