Sandy’s Death Toll Hits almost 40 on its Way to US


The death toll caused by hurricane Sandy has reached 39 as the storm approaches the eastern coast of the United States, Latin American media sources reported.

The Interior Ministry of Haiti said the hurricane killed 26 people, while four went missing. The Cuban national headquarters on the civil defense said nine people were killed in the Santiago de Cuba province, including a four-months-old baby.

The hurricane, which has already weakened, also caused enormous damages to agriculture and infrastructure in the countries that it swept by. In Cuba, for instance, tens of thousands of hectares of cane and banana plantations were destroyed, while over 60,000 of houses were partly or completely ruined.

Although Sandy weakens on its approach to the United States, it is expected to mix up with other two strong weather systems and turn into the worst storm to hit the region in 100 years.

Hurricane Sandy is headed from the south, a winter storm is approaching from the west, and cold air from the north could create a triple combination that is expected to hit the east coast of the United States early next week and bring high winds, snow, flooding and massive power outages.

Sandy was predicted to pass by the US North Carolina Coast and make landfall somewhere between Virginia and New England on Monday or Tuesday.


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