Iran breaks US dominance over region: Larijani


Iran’s parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says the Islamic Republic succeeded in breaking the United States dominance over the region and countering its unilateralism.

“Americans who failed to achieve their political and military dominance in the international community, now seek to play the role of economic police in the world,” Larijani said in Iran’s northwestern province of Ardebil on Sunday.

The Islamic Republic of Iran should adopt a specific strategy and policy at the current juncture, he added, emphasizing that the US efforts to play the role of the economic police would fail.

The top Iranian parliamentarian said the era of fake empires in the world has reached to an end, adding, “All confess that the time of this empire and the US dictatorship has ended.”

Larijani pointed to the US occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and emphasized that Iran’s correct strategy thwarted Washington’s plots in the region.


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