Russia asks Syrian opposition to appoint negotiator


 Russia calls on the Syrian opposition to appoint a negotiator because nothing can be achieved without negotiation, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

“Speaking of the work with the opposition, we should talk to the whole opposition that cannot even come to the negotiating table for the time being, let alone forming a delegation for work,” Lavrov said on Wednesday, October 31.

“There is no person who could speak on behalf of the Syrian opposition and there will no progress without negotiation,” he said.

Lavrov urged international players to influence the Syrian sides in order to prod them towards dialogue.

“If a priority goal of all of us is to stop the violence, each one of us mist say one and the same thing to the Syrian forces he can influence: stop hostilities simultaneously,” the minister said.

“Russia is working with all opposition forces. We would like those who work with the opposition to talk to the government as well. After all the government represents a certain and quite considerable part of the Syrian population,” Lavrov said.



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