Bahrain forces attack protesters in NW, NE


Saudi-backed Bahraini forces have attacked anti-regime protesters in the northwest and northeast of the Persian Gulf island, using teargas canisters and rubber bullets.

 Bahraini protesters marched in the villages of Diraz in the northwest, Sitra in the northeast as well as the Muqabah village to show their support for the families of those killed in the regime crackdown of anti-regime demonstrations since last year.

The protests were held despite the Al Khalifa regime’s ban on all demonstrations and public gatherings across the state.

Diraz was the scene of anti-regime protests on Sunday as well where angry demonstrators took to the streets to condemn the Friday killing of a 16-year-old youth at the hands of regime forces.

Ali Radhi was reportedly run over by a car while being chased by regime forces as they were attacking the protesters, who were heading towards the village to join the Friday prayers.

Bahraini protesters say they remain resolute to continue demonstration until their demands, which include an end to the regime’s suppression of opposition, are met.

Popular anti-regime revolution started in Bahrain in February 2011. Scores of people have been killed and hundreds of others wounded in the regime’s violent crackdown of the protests.



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