1000s march in Greece to protest against austerity measures


Thousands of students have staged a demonstration in Greece to protest against the government’s austerity measures.

The protest march, which was held in Athens on Saturday, also commemorated the anniversary of the violent suppression of a 1973 student uprising against a US-backed junta.

Members of the main opposition group, Syriza, and other leftist groups also joined the protest.

The protesters started the march from the Athens Polytechnic, chanting “Write off the debt,” and “Capitalists should pay for the crisis.”
“The message of the Polytechnic is more current than ever because the abolition of democracy today might be equivalent to those times,” a young protester said.

On November 17, 1973, students held a massive demonstration against the Greek military junta, which was deposed in 1974.

Last Monday, the Greek parliament approved a 2013 budget that imposes new spending cuts on the nation in an effort to secure a loan from its international creditors to save the debt-ridden country from bankruptcy.

Greece has been in a recession for the past five years. The country has been cutting down its spending over the past four years, which has resulted in many Greeks losing their jobs.

One in every four Greek workers is currently unemployed, banks are in a shaky position, and pensions and salaries have been slashed by up to 40 percent.

The country has been surviving on bailout loans from its international creditors since May 2010.



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