Iran Condemns International Silence on Gaza


Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi condemned the international community’s indifference to “the Israeli regime’s aggression against the Gaza Strip,” Press TV reported on Sunday.

The Iranian foreign minister made his remarks at an opening address to Syria’s National Dialog meeting in Tehran between the Syrian authorities and the opposition.

“The current situation in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict results from the lack of a firm reaction by the international community, particularly human rights organizations,” Salehi said, accusing Israel of committing war crimes against Palestinians.

The Iranian foreign minister said the international community’s indifference had led to the continuation and escalation of the conflict.

Regional institutions, particularly the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), could take resolute measures to prevent Israel’s further aggression, he said.

Salehi urged the Arab League and the leaders of Muslim countries to focus their attention on the conflict and “take practical measures to help the innocent people of Gaza.”

Israel launched Operation Pillar of Defense on Wednesday, killing al-Jabari and attacking hundreds of rocket-launching sites, ammunition depots and “terrorist” cells that belong to radical Islamist groups operating in Gaza, primarily Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Palestinian militants have fired hundreds of rockets at Israeli cities, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

In a sign of further escalation, the Israeli cabinet has authorized the military to mobilize up to 75,000 reservists in anticipation of a possible ground offensive on Gaza. Two elite army brigades have completed the preparation to enter the Palestinian enclave “if necessary,” according to the military.


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