Israeli Airstrike Destroys Russia Today TV Channel’s Gaza Office


An Israeli airstrike on a media compound in the Gaza Strip destroyed the office of the Russia Today TV channel early on Sunday, the RT press office said.

Staff for RT’s Arabic-language channel Rusiya Al-Yaum had left the building about an hour before the Israeli planes delivered the strike, the press office said.

RT’s office was located on the eleventh floor of the building, the top floor, which also accommodates Britain’s Sky News, Italian RAI, German ARD, Kuwait-TV and Palestinian news agencies.

The RT crew has now moved to another floor of the center to continue their work.

The attack came on the fifth day of an Israeli military operation against Gaza, which has been ruled by the Hamas Islamist group since 2007.

Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, warned later on Sunday that Israel’s army was prepared to “significantly expand” its operation, which was launched on November 14.



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