Americans continue anti-Israeli demonstrations


Americans in Washington DC have held an anti-Israeli demonstration, demanding an end to Tel Aviv’s deadly airstrikes on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip

“It’s [Gaza] the only example I can think of that basically it’s a land-prison that is periodically assaulted and the so-called international community never raises a fuss, never says a single word,” an anti-Israeli protester told Press TV.

Since Wednesday, nearly 100 Palestinians, including women and children, have been killed in Israeli attacks against the besieged strip. Hundreds of others have been injured as well.

Many protesters are holding the US responsible for the growing casualties in Gaza as a result of Washington’s support for Tel Aviv.

“It is wrong how information is kept from the American people. That they don’t know the death and destruction against humanity that Israel has leveled towards the Palestinians and that our country America is complicit in that death and destruction. It’s awful,” another protester said.

Many gathered outside the Israeli embassy in Washington DC, protesting against the United States’ use of American tax money to fund the killing of innocent people in the Middle East.

“They [Israel] have done this in 2008-2009 where they massacred thousands of civilians in Gaza and they still are yet to be held accountable. I don’t understand. They’re saying they’re doing this in self-defense, but everyday we see pictures more and more of kids lying dead,” Students for Justice in Palestine’s Lena Ibrahim said.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military says it has attacked the Gaza Strip 1,350 times since the beginning of the new wave of raids on November 14.

“I think many Americans are very very scared to criticize Israel for whatever reason. There’s this idea that we cannot speak out against Israel and if we do, we’re anti-Semitic,” Ibrahim added.


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