March 14 to boycott Nov. 27 parliament session, MP says

 The opposition will boycott a parliamentary session on Nov. 27 at which the Armenian president is due to give a speech, March 14 MP Marwan Hamadeh said Monday.

“We will not attend the parliamentary session called for by House Speaker Nabih Berri on Nov. 27,” said Hamadeh in an interview to the Voice of Lebanon radio station, according to a statement fom his press office.

Hamadeh said that the boycott was not directed against the Armenian president himself.

“Boycotting the parliamentary session in the presence of the Armenian president is not against the Armenian guest,” Hamadeh said.

Following the Oct. 19 assassination of senior security official Brig. Gen. Wissam al-Hasan in a car explosion in Beirut, the March 14-led opposition said it will boycott the Cabinet and any parliamentary activity it is involved in, and called for the formation of a neutral salvation government .

The opposition accused Syria of being behind the killing and also held the Cabinet of Prime Minister Najib Mikati responsible.

Hamadeh reiterated that the March 14 coalition will not attend national dialogue until the Cabinet resigns.

“The dialogue session scheduled on Nov. 29 will not be held before changing the current Cabinet,” Hamadeh said.

The dialogue session scheduled on No. 12 was postponed until Nov. 29, while President Michel Sleiman has been carrying out consultations with Lebanese rivals to resume the all-party-talks and discuss a way out of Lebanon’s political crisis.


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