1,000s of missiles to hit Tel Aviv if Israel attacks Lebanon: Hezbollah


 Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah has warned the Israeli regime that thousands of missiles will target Tel Aviv if it dares to wage a war on Lebanon.

“Israel which was shaken with few Fajr-5 missiles… We want to say that what Israel would do with thousands of missiles which will land in Tel Aviv and other areas if it attacks Lebanon,” Nasrallah said in an address to the mourning ceremonies of the Day of Ashura in Beirut on Sunday.

“…This enemy (Israel) is deterred,” he stated, adding, “This enemy knows what awaits it if it thinks about aggression against Lebanon.”

Describing the Israeli regime as the main enemy of the Muslim world, the Hezbollah leader said no part of Israel will be immune in a possible future war.

“Anyone who is portraying Israel as a friend is a servant of Israel.”

“Israel was embarrassed in the Gaza war,” he added, referring to the recent Israeli war on the Gaza Strip that killed over 160 Palestinians and injured about 1,200 others in more than 1,500 attacks during the eight-day period of November 14-21.

The Palestinian resistance fighters incessantly fired rockets and missiles into the occupied lands during the eight-day war, killing at least five Israelis, in retaliation for the fatal attacks on the Palestinian territory.

The Hezbollah leader also described the Tel Aviv regime and the United States as the symbols of tyranny in today’s world. He pointed out that the followers of Imam Hussein (PBUH), the third Shia Imam, will not let arrogant powers humiliate them.



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