Teachers prepare to launch two-day strike


As many teachers and public sector employees prepared for a two-day strike to protest the government’s delay in referring a draft law to increase salaries to Parliament, some schools and parent committees expressed their opposition to the move.

The Union Coordination Committee, a coalition of public sector employees and teachers at private and public schools, called on teachers and public sector employees to strike Tuesday and Wednesday and to hold protests near the Grand Serail and government buildings across Lebanon.

“Head to protest areas starting at 8 a.m. tomorrow … and discuss during the two-day strike all escalatory measures needed … for the salary raise draft law to be referred to Parliament,” the UCC said at a news conference.

Nehmeh Mahfoud, the head of the Association of Private Schools Teachers, said that teachers have the right to go on strike.

“The owners of private schools have the right not to strike, they never do … but it is teachers at private schools that are striking tomorrow and


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