Smoking can threaten brain’s functions, says study


A new study conducted by British researchers suggests that smoking can affect on brain by inducing damages on its functions in memory, learning and reasoning.

According to the researchers from the King’s College London, smoking can lead to severe brain damage even more than high blood pressure and obesity.

The result of brain tests, analysis of health and lifestyle data of 8,800 people of over-50s revealed that smoking rotted the brain in those who had this habit in their life.
According to the report published in the journal Age and Ageing, the participants had to take brain tests such as learning new words or giving names as many animals as they could in a minute.

While the test was repeated among the participants during four and then eight years of the study period, researchers found a “consistent association” between smoking and lower scores in the tests.

The recent study once again demonstrates that lifestyles can damage the mind as well as the body as it confirms an earlier research released in 2009 indicating “smoking tobacco cigarettes, like consuming alcohol, can hurt the brain though the mechanism is different.”



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