US to deepen Syria intervention by arming militants


The Obama administration is considering a deeper intervention in Syria, including direct supply of arms to militants and planting CIA and NATO intelligence agents in the country, in efforts to overthrow the Damascus government.

The most urgent decision, expected to come next week, is the deployment of NATO surface-to-air missiles in Turkey, supposedly to shield the neighboring country from what US officials are increasingly publicizing as ‘incoming Syrian missiles,’ US daily The New York Times reports Thursday, quoting “officials involved in the discussions.”

According to the report, while there is a broader debate within the Obama administration on “how heavily America should intervene in another Middle Eastern conflict,” no decision has yet been taken. However, following Obama’s reelection, the White House is “more willing to take risks” on a bolder intervention.
The report further quotes a “senior administration official” as claiming that “recent tactical successes” by anti-Damascus militants “have given this debate a new urgency, and a new focus.”



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