Woman is forced to remarry the husband who blinded her in horrific acid attack


 A WOMAN has been forced to remarry the cheating ex who threw ACID in her face after she divorced him.

Nurbanu, from Shatkhira in Bangladesh, was left blind by the horrific attack – but now her husband’s family insist she go back to the monster as she cannot look after herself.

The 36-year-old endured 18 years of violence and misery before claiming her freedom two years ago.

But just eight days after her divorce came through, her evil partner threw the corrosive liquid at her.

She said: “My husband went into hiding. After 10 months he was caught and jailed for a year.

“But his mother paid for his release on bail. She made me sign an affidavit to have him released. She used my sons to convince me to marry him again.”

Now Nurbanu is back in the home and subjected to daily terror by the tyrant.

“He threatened me and beat me a few nights back,” she told film-makers for global charity VSO.

She added: “People would think a husband would take care of a blind wife. But this doesn’t happen. This is how my days go by.”

Violence against women is endemic in Bangladesh – and acid attacks are common, affecting thousands like Nurbanu.

Domestic arguments, financial worries and even rejected marriage proposals are seen as provocation for the horror.

VSO Chief Executive, Marg Mayne, said: “We need to ensure that women have more of a say in the decision-making that affects their lives.

“This is why VSO volunteers are working with local partners like the Acid Survivors Foundation and helping the women it supports to receive treatment, get an education and most importantly exercise their rights.”


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