Syria suffers nationwide internet blackout


 The internet in Syria has been shut off nationwide, say two US based web-monitoring companies. During the 20 months of civil uprising, Syria has gone through partial internet disruption, but a 100 per cent blackout is unprecedented.

 “All 84 of Syria’s IP address blocks have become unreachable, effectively removing the country from the internet,” reads Renesys’ blogpost.

The same was confirmed by Akamai Technologies Inc, another US-based company that distributes content on the internet.

Activists in Syria reached Thursday by satellite telephone confirmed the unprecedented blackout. They also claimed difficulties with cell and landline telephone connections.

The Associated Press remarks that previously telephone and internet connections in the Arab country were cut off during major military operations.

Hacktivist group Anonymous reacted swiftly, tweeting they “know what happens in the dark #OpSyria” and offering numbers for a dial-up connection.

The shutdown comes amidst reports of intense fighting in the country’s capital, Damascus. The fighting has reportedly grounded all the flights in the international airport.

An uprising against Syrian President Bashar Assad began in March last year and soon grew into an all-out civil conflict. Over 32,000 people have died in clashes between opposition and government troops, with a further 420,000 becoming refugees.

Syrian state media maintain that Damascus continues to “cleanse” what they have branded as “terrorists” from the region.



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