UN Calls for Moscow Conference on Middle East


The UN General Assembly has adopted a resolution calling for the Moscow Conference on the Middle East that has repeatedly been postponed to be held as soon as possible, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported on Friday.

The General Assembly said Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) should resume peace talks under the auspices of the Middle East Quartet of international mediators comprising Russia, the United States, the UN and the European Union.

The UN General Assembly recognized on Thursday the PA as a non-member observer state by a more than two-thirds majority. Israel and the United States were among nine UN members that voted against the move.

The Moscow Conference is an initiative proposed by Russian diplomats in 2005 to promote the Middle East peace process both between Israelis and Palestinians and between Israel and Syria.

The Quartet on the Middle East was established in 2002 and is devoted to negotiating peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.



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