Rai calls for new Cabinet, electoral law


Lebanon’s Cardinal Beshara Rai called Sunday for a new Cabinet to be formed and for the adoption of a new law for the upcoming 2013 parliamentary elections, the National News Agency reported.

“A new government should be formed along with a new electoral law,” Rai said during Sunday Mass in Bkirki.

Rai said a new Cabinet should be formed to resolve the country’s economic and social problems and hold parliamentary elections on time.

The cardinal called for “dialogue and national reconciliation” to end “divisions” among Lebanon’s political rivals.

“The Lebanese are suffering from divisions and the paralysis of life, and economic problems,” Rai said.

He added politicians should draft a new electoral law that secures the Lebanese the best representation and allows citizens freedom in voting.

Deliberations to reach an agreement over a new electoral were disrupted as political consultations between the March 8 and March 14 groups were cut in the wake of the assassination of intelligence chief Brig. Gen. Wissam al-Hasan in October.

Hasan’s killing prompted the March 14-led opposition to boycott the Cabinet and call for the formation of a neutral salvation government that would supervise the coming parliamentary elections.



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