Renewed clashes in north Lebanon


Several rocket-propelled grenades fell Saturday in Tripoli, breaking the fragile truce between supporters of President Bashar Assad in the northern Lebanese city, security sources said.

Four rocket-propelled grenades fell in the area between the rival neighborhoods of Bab al-Tabbaneh, which supports the Syrian uprising, and Jabal Mohsen, staunch supporters of Assad, security sources said.

The National News Agency reported that four people were wounded in the renewed clashes and identified the causalities as Husni al-Halabi, Hasan Fares, Mohammad Ibrahim and Hilal Hamwi.

The sources told The Daily Star that sniping, which had been limited in the earlier hours of the day, intensified after the rockets fell in the tense region.

The clashes that erupted between the two rival neighborhoods Monday have so far claimed the lives of 13 people and wounded dozens.

A fragile truce was in place Friday night amid continued tension in the area over the recent killing of Lebanese Salafist fighters in Tal Kalakh, Syria, which lies near the Lebanese border. The fighters, mostly from Tripoli, were killed in an ambush by the Syrian army.

Earlier Saturday, Interior Minister Marwan Charbel reiterated the need for self-restraint in the port city and for a radical solution to end the endemic fighting.

Charbel spoke to reporters following a security meeting at Tripoli’s Serail.

He also brought up the subject of the Lebanese fighters killed in Syria, saying that the negotiations to secure the return of the bodies of the fighters and any that may have survived was ongoing with officials in Damascus.



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