Syria hands over bodies of 3 Lebanese fighters


Syria handed over the bodies of three Lebanese fighters Sunday who were recently killed in an ambush by regime forces.

Syrian security officials handed the bodies to a Lebanese delegation that included representatives of Dar al-Fatwa as well as General Security in the presence of three Lebanese Red Cross ambulances on the Arida border crossing, north Lebanon.

The ambulances transferred the bodies of the men to their relatives for burial.

A group of Salafist fighters from Tripoli were killed in a Syrian army ambush in the town of Tal Kalakh near the border with Lebanon on Nov. 31, but there have been conflicting reports on the exact number of men who were killed.

The men transferred Sunday were identified as Malek Ziyad al-Haj Deeb, Khodr Mustafa Alameddine and Abdel-Hameed Ali Agha.

Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour was informed in a letter Saturday that three of the slain fighters would be returned to Lebanon Sunday.

The letter added that the remaining bodies of Lebanese fighters would be returned in several stages for “logistical reasons.”

The handover is expected to ease tensions in north Lebanon after armed clashes were renewed between opponents and supporters of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The fighting, which began earlier this week, has left 13 people killed and over 60 wounded.



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