Storm shuts S. Lebanon ports, destroys crops


Strong winds and rain have forced the shutdown of Lebanon’s southern ports, knocking out street lights and destroying agricultural greenhouses and billboards.

Shipping traffic to and from the ports of Sidon, the provincial capital of south Lebanon, and Tyre, further south, were suspended Monday night due to the storm.

The suspension is expected to remain in place until the storm subsides Tuesday afternoon.

Gusts of up to 80 kilometers an hour caused scores of billboards along the coastal highways across Lebanon to topple over.

In south Lebanon, the storm knocked out some street lights and destroyed a number of greenhouses along the coast. Banana groves were also destroyed by rushing water, and citrus fruits knocked to the ground.

In the Bekaa, east Lebanon, lightning hit a fish-breeding basin near Orontes River, killing 2.5 tons of fish.

Snow fell at an altitude of 1,500 meters during the night, the meteorological department said.



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