Egypt opposition seeks ‘no’ vote in constitutional referendum: Moussa


Egypt’s opposition politician, Amr Moussa, says the main opposition coalition will push for a “no” vote in the referendum on the draft constitution, which is planned to be held this week.

“We will vote ‘no'” rather than boycotting the referendum, Amr Moussa, the opposition politician and former Arab League chief, said on Wednesday.

Another senior opposition figure also said that the group would be after a “no” vote in the referendum.

Amr Moussa also said he would take part in the Egyptian army’s national dialogue along with the prominent opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei and a number of other opposition leaders.

However, Moussa stated that he was not aware of the change of plans when he was contacted after the army’s recent announcement of delay in national talks.

Egypt’s army on Wednesday announced that unity talks would be postponed due to low level of responses from the parties that had been invited to resolve the conflict between the president and the opposition.
Earlier in the day, Major General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces had invited all political groups to gather for a meeting to discuss the national crisis in the capital Cairo on Wednesday.

The electoral commission announced earlier on Wednesday that the referendum on Egypt’s draft constitution, which was originally expected to take place only on December 15, would be held on both Saturday and a week later on December 22.

Massive protests have erupted in the North African country over President Mohamed Morsi’s speedy adoption of Egypt’s new constitution and the constitutional decree that he issued on November 22, granting him expanded powers and placing him beyond judicial review.

However, he recently withdrew the controversial declaration.



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