‘Egypt to hold referendum on draft constitution on two dates’


The referendum on Egypt’s draft constitution will take place on two separate dates, the Egyptian state television says.

According to North African country’s Nile TV, the electoral commission announced on Wednesday that the referendum, which was originally expected to take place only on December 15, would be held on both Saturday and December 22.

The television added that each round will be in a different region.

Meanwhile, the official Middle East News Agency (MENA) said the expatriate vote has already started at Egyptian embassies and consulates in 150 countries around the world.

On Tuesday, the Egyptian judiciary committee, which oversees the vote, decided that the referendum should be conducted on two days instead of one.

“The committee had officially asked the president to issue a law approving that the referendum takes place on two stages on Saturday December 15 and Saturday December 22,” said Judge Mahmoud Abu Shousha, a member of the referendum judiciary committee.
On November 22, Morsi issued a decree, declaring that no judicial body could dissolve the Constituent Assembly, which was writing the draft of the constitution.

The decree allowed the president to take “any decision or measure to protect the revolution.” It also made decisions and laws drafted by the president “final and not subject to appeal.”

On November 30, the assembly approved the final draft of the new constitution.

On December 1, the Egyptian president announced that a referendum on the new constitution would be held on December 15, 2012.



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