At Least Seven Killed, Some 50 Wounded in Damascus Blasts


At least seven people were killed and some 50 wounded after a series of explosions outside the building of the Interior Ministry in Syria’s capital of Damascus on Wednesday, Al Arabiya reported.

Interior Minister Mohammad al-Shaar along with other high ranking officials from the ministry managed to leave the building unharmed.

According to the Syrian state-run news agency SANA, three explosive devices, including one loaded in a car, went off near the building of the Interior Ministry in the district of Kfar Souseh and also inflicted damages on the nearby building of the Egyptian Embassy.

“An embassy employee was injured, and the building was damaged,” Egypt’s MENA news agency quoted Egyptian diplomat Alaa Abdel Aziz as saying.

The district of Kfar Souseh is located near the central Ummayad Square and is fought for between the forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and rebels.

Syrian opposition, backed by the West and some Arab countries, is pushing for President Assad’s ouster as the main condition for the settlement of the 20-month-old internal conflict that has already claimed over 40,000 lives, according to human rights monitors.




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