British PM rebuked by French president


French President Francois Hollande has criticized British Prime Minister David Cameron for his plans to take back certain powers from the European Union (EU).
While addressing Cameron, the president of France declared that Europe is not “a la carte” like a menu from which member states can pick and choose their powers.

Hollande issued his rebuke to the UK Prime Minister as Cameron insisted he would stand for a “better deal for Britain” and plan to take back certain powers from the EU.

The UK coalition is carrying out a comprehensive review of all the powers that the EU has over life in Britain, ranging from business and employment rules to the criminal justice system.

The review will lead to a decision by Cameron on which powers he intends to take back from Brussels when the next EU treaty is written.

But Hollande hinted that he would attempt to block Cameron’s demands to “repatriate” powers in any proposed new deal for Britain.

“I believe that treaties are meant to be complied with. This discussion could take place but Europe is not a Europe in which you can take back competences. It is not Europe a la carte,” Hollande stated.

Meanwhile, Cameron is under pressure domestically to offer UK voters a referendum on Britain’s future relationship with the EU.



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